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 Заголовок сообщения: KRYON CHANNELLING THE OLD SOUL 2013 TOOLKIT January 13
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Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.
As many times as we do this there are those who would wonder, is the man still in his body?
Of course, but his consciousness is split.
Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.
As many times as we do this there are those who would wonder, is the man still in his body?
Of course, but his consciousness is split.
Now for some they would say this makes him a candidate for psychology, is not the kind of split.
Each of you have the ability to do what you see here, but it does not have to be in this form. there is a new energy beginning to form on the planet, and we are starting to discuss it.
One week ago we gave you information regarding what to expect, some weeks before that we told you some of the invention to look forward to.
But in the process of human involvement it is inevitable that some of you will channel, and it does not have to be in public in front of other human beings, it could be for yourself, it can be what some have called automatic writing by the way there's nothing automatic about it.
It is you stepping aside and in the privacy of your own sentience, existence finding now the sacred part of you is alive and well.
And being able then to channel that which is inside you and some of you will not find in an entity with a name.
Would you will start channeling pieces and parts of your own divinity? You will collect channeling and really it simply communication to the higher self.
You getting in touch with the core soul, that is you. And it will look like channeling, and it will be.
The next step in human evolution is inward, not outwardly but inward, for the evolvement of the human species will be regarding what the brain is able then to do with all of the DNA in the body. is over hundred trillion pieces of DNA they're all identical they're all bonded or entangled as one,
and they all present one common field at the soul that you are, now science is not yet see that and they will.
If every single piece of DNA is identical how do they communicate, how this DNA didn't see the compartmentalization of cellular structure? one organ to the next? DNA produces genes but what about the body communication that goes on?
You've so many of questions, you will start to answer one at a time, as you start to see it above.
You are finished with the old energy now, we've told you last week and we are not get a repeat that much, what to expect right now, for there is a release going on, and you're starting to feel it and the release will have some anomalies do it and you can start to see it.
We have told you that among the anomalies of the release are the darker energies of the earth realizing their losing, a last gasp, if you wish, to some older energy processes that will raise their heads and pretend they're in charge and they won't be.
You will watch them be dismissed, probably for the first time in human history.
Today we will give you potentials going to tell you some things I would like to start with this.
Echoing and continuing last week's channeling we would like to give you a 5 point in 2013, old soul, toolkit, that is to say five points for you to look at.
Things that some of you will need and others will not. Realization is something we have that no one is listening a more than the ones in the room, and we said this many times: if you tuned into this, and does matter what your clock says what your calendar says, we know you're.
The potentials of your default soul listening to this message is right in front of us. We are in contact with your higher self, that knows your plan, we are in contact with that, which you would think is a predisposed attitude you might or might not do something, we know that.
And so if you're listening to this message or your reading it, you're right where you belong and we know you. And so to a small group of people less than 200 this is now, but if you are hearing this for the first time, it is also now, Some is asking who's right which now is, and the the answer is always now,
for the teaching as it reaches that part of you, which resounds to the truth, can be anytime. The love of God has no clock,
and we are so aware of the past that are in front of you, that bring you to places like this, where you can hear in person, read or listen.
And to us it's all happening at the same time, and so we greet you, even the ones that those in the room cannot see.
Difficult to explain these things as it is, the energy is different, and some of you will can start feeling it
A lot of things scheduled to happen, that are always been scheduled to happen, as soon as the marker was passed, the 2012 energy which contained a great deal of fear, has passed, and so there is a clearing, you might say, of the plain field of energies from now on, and it is real and it is true.
And when you take a look at those things which may be esoteric to you, they are being honored and that would be the precession of the equinoxes and the midpoint of it.
And there are many things you need for your toolkit
number one, tolerance, now we're talking to old souls and old souls, and when I talk about tolerance and talking to old souls, and old souls, you'll been very tolerant for a long time, and new soul, you've been tolerant of the old energy. Now when I ask you to be tolerant of one another because some of you are not going to like what takes place next.
And the best way to explain this is to say that, if for instance you have been a healer for 30 years, you have a process, you have energies you've dealt with, you know, what you're doing.
And now it starts to rewrite itself. And some of the things that are the core essence of what you been doing, of what you been taught and the things that work. you're going here, are changing and you can disagree.
And the bias that you're going to have, an old soul, will be obvious and you will say no that cannot be right, you always have to do this or that.
The signals that you will get, they'll tell you, what to do in a process, that you have been working with, of the signals you depend on, the intuitive parts is what you depend on, even the channelers will have a new paradigm before him. that he must work.
For with new energy the relationship between the human corporeal body and that which you call the intelligent body and higher self will start to shift.
Pathways that you may call new rode, will start to be built that are quantum between the corporeal self and the intelligent corporeal self, that is to say, that some of you are starting to get a concept of being able to talk to your own cellular structure and get feedback.
And there would be those who are invested in kinesiology who would say: No, no, you have to do it another way!
We've done this for decades! This is how it's done. And you will say: well, I could do it different. and so some of you are going have to be tolerant.
Open-minded, old soul, for new processes. Or ones to rewrite the processes that you have lived by, survived by, if you don't, it's going to slow down the process of planet Earth, for then there will be a split in the old soul and you don't want.
But if that is your choice, dear ones, I will tell you, that the new energy is here forever, you're not going to slip back, you can, I've said before my partner has mentioned you cannot unknow things that have taken place, and as you take a deep breath in the new energy and get used to new paradigm, you cannot then return and that is all.
So for those who are invested in processes procedures learnings, feelings, intuitive energy, that you have used for years, we ask you for tolerance, and before you would judge or speak, look to beauty of an evolving earth, look at the beauty of an old soul, which can now start to claim the things we always said you c could do.
23 years my partner has been telling you, what might be possible, and now you stand at the gasp of doing that. There was number one.
Some of you're going to see this, as it is not going take on. Looks will be written, some will object, there will be thos,e who are learned and successful and have profound proof of their abilities and they won't change.
And they will object to you and they'll say: God is move that fast, it doesn't work that way!
And I have a message for them: it wasn't fast, it took thousands of years. God does work that way. Just ask the indigenous, whose ancestors told that they would come energy, this is not new, but there is shift and it is dramatic.
Some of you will see, what I mean, some of you will lose friends because of it, old souls, that just won't go there, that's number one.
Number two, where you are going to stand again, and it was last week patients.
These things, that we speak of, are going to take a while, last week we gave you the story of a farmer, the beginning one, the attribute of the amateur who plants the seeds and runs the next day to watch them grow only to discover that they cannot be seen growing.
And that is the way it's going to appear to slow, you watch your news, you watch your government, you'll watch the earth. And some of you will say: Well, I don't really see much! It's different, anymore than you can see the crops grown, there is a slow methodical consistent change in consciousness,
some of it cannot be obtained until old energy dies, some of it will not be realized until some of those in charge of old energies are no longer in charge of some them.
Some of them will not reveal themselves and tells: your's takes the position of leadership.
And some of you are saying: that's just too long! Patients.
Who, we need you to do, dear ones in your toolkit, is to understand that your being here is an old soul, is the food for the plants to grow.
You can just check out and say: a way is long enough! I want to go through another 18 years!
Pictures like this, dear ones, you now have the water can for the seeds, and before 2012 there were no seeds, now there are no longer those energies and now you have the seeds in the water can.
So every morning you wake up in water. And those who come after you will see for crops, this is the next thing in your toolkit and that is patience and understanding and tolerance, for things you didn't expect.
In a new paradigm there are going to be things you didn't expect, and you may look at them and say: no! Not understanding, this was the way of it all along.
Let me talk about one number three - attitude adjustment. Some of you are starting to put together some things that Kryon has sent, years and years ago I channeled information that is now come to fruition, and now you'll understand it and then you did not.
We gave you this phrase when everyone can talk to everyone there can be no secret, this has now become something called social networking, back before even the phrase existed I told you about it.
A time on the planet when all to talk to all, instantly can you see how that would disarm old paradigms of communication? Do you see how that might disarm information which was not right? Do you see how that might disarm drama untruthly, when everyone can talk to everyone? and they are.
So the technology has given you the beginning of something that some of you, especially the ones who are older old souls, look at the one anything to do it and say: «It's a faith of the young people».
The third tool in your kit is attitude adjustment, I want you to look at, I want you to let a young person show you what they can do.
How many friends that they can talk to instantly when they want to communicate something, and they put it in a place and suddenly hundreds know, instantly, it is a new paradigm of the way, human beings are going to communicate.
And I want tell you where it is going to lead. For social networking has no borders… So let us go right to it.
What happens when is a Israeli is talking to an Iranian or Palestinian? About something they saw on YouTube or some energy they want to share, and it flies across the borders in a way that never could before, what happens to the intermingling of friends in a paradigm that you may never understand and never see, and they do?
Where hundreds could talk to each other instantly in a land where they never did before, slowly there will be a lessening of the objections to countries who are trying to stop this.
When they understand more about the benefits to them, and it will have to do with trade.
And the other things that are important to economies when they start to understand the social networking may very well be the answer - to recession.
There's more here than meets DI, dear ones, and your your attitude is everything, for if you look at all this and say: well, this is a faith, this is just for the young, you're missing it.
Let a young person explain what they can do, and let the lightbulb go on in your mind for the evolution of the human species.
For this is never going away, it's only getting worse.
And we say that in a facetious way . You look of a day when this will be the way of it, in all things to be impossible to be heard, it always have more friends than you want.
These of the things we are asking you to look forward to, and it's can require you look at the differently and adjust, that was number three, number four - physical body.
You has to recalibrate to a new energy, and it's good to do so the matter we want. You gave intent to stay, dear ones, so you have given permission for physical chemistry changes to occur in you.
And for some of you that's called illness, but it isn't, it simply temporary imbalance of chemistry, and so what we're going to say next is that some of you will go through what you would think our physical trials and there are some in the room who are you need.
That was is about, this is going to be a faster evolution in certain ways, than you think, for it is going affect the ones who chosen to stay and moving to this nex paradigm.
Because it is difficult, because it may actually put stress on the chemistry of the body as it recalibrate, and what it takes place you'll know what I'm talking about, and when it takes place, do not fear.
And so we give you a challenge, I dare, if you will, I'll come to my partner celebrate imbalance, and whether it's in your muscle structure or in your adjusting or any of those places where you don't know where it came from and why it's there I challenge you to say thank you God that I'm recalibrate for I am evolving and I know why.
You're supposed to stay, dear ones, and water the plants. And you'll see what I mean. There will be some unexpected things.
And now I'm going to be very cautious with number five, and I am going to change the paradigm of the way we channel, for 23 years we give you information in the soup of potentials, that we read to you as the highest probable potential that exists.
These things eventually often become your reality, because they are free choice, but we know what you're thinking, we know what the potentials are, because we know what you're leaning, you know what the bias is off, and we see all of humanity as a whole, is measurable, not by you, easily.
And it gives us therefore the ability to project, and we do.
23 years ago we gave you many things, and we told you the now or in your reality.
I mean departure from that and I'm going to now read to you a potential on earth that is not the strongest.
I want to tell you about the human being, that has a choice, I'm going to give you a potential that is only 50%, but I'm going to read to you something and energy didn't expect a paradigm that is starting to shift.
Let us talk about North Korea, there is a young new leader, the potentially is he will never ever hear this channeling, so I can talk freely.
He is facing a dilemma, for he is young and he knows about the difference in the energy, he feels it.
The lineage of his father lays upon him, and all that is around him, expects him to be a clone of the man
to continue the things, that he has been taught, make North Korea great, and he starting to rethink them. What makes a world leader great?
So what you asked that question to a man in an older energy, that you know, and his name is Napoleon, not that long-ago, dear ones, not in the history of humanity, not in the history of the earth, it was yesterday in some of you are there.
If you ask Napoleon, what makes the world leader great, he will say, the size of his army.
How many countries he can conquer, how important he is based upon, how many citizens then call him genius?
Not only was that his reality, but he was right. And so Napoleon went back and forth between world leader General and created new, and he accomplished everything he set out to do almost.
What makes a world leader great?
What I am showing you is the difference in thinking between then and now. And the choice is that any evolving young human being has, that could change everything on the planet, if you want it.
His father will tell this North Korean young person, that what makes a world leader great, is the potential of his missile power.
And what impresses his people as he stands up against the West.
How he continues to aggravate those in self.
And that is his lineage and that's what he's been told all his life, now there's a 50% chance of something, this is not a strong potential, dear ones, but I'm bringing this pouring for you go to want to watch it work, one way or the other.
If Kryon would you to advise this man, here is what I would tell them, he could be the greatest leader the world has ever known, for what he does know, will be something the world will sees a demarcation point,
not only that what he does know, will be in the history books and almost every other leader on the planet, he's going to outlive them.
So you can have a longer fame than anyone, and it starts like this until the border guards to go home and greet to self.
Unified North Korea and South Korea in a way that no profit ever said can happen.
Start alliances with the West and show them that you mean it, bring abundance to your people that they never expected at the result will be fame and glory, that the father never achieved, that the world will talk about, a United Nations it will stand and applaud when he would talk it, and how it would arise him. And will say: would you like that? Now watching.
He has a choice, he has his father's advisers, one of which is already dismissed, he may get it, he may no,t 50% chance, but I'll tell you ,that he doesn't do it, the one after he will, because it is soul of peace.
WE show you this, tell you that this is the involvement of the human species.
The slow realization that putting things togather is the answer to all things and not separating.
Those to start seeing compromise, and energies they never realized before will be the ones you can remember, and it's going to happen in leadership, in politics, and in business - a new paradigm - and so that particular tool is this - the realization that the reality you think works may not.
You don't know what you don't know, but you can still plan for things that are coming, that you don't know, if you know they're coming.
It's like driving on a road that you been told, it can wide and up in a traffic, it can flow soon, and you believe it and you know what can you prepare for, you know when it's coming, you don't know, what that means.
And when it comes, you're ready, and you breathe a sigh relief and you said: I knew what happened.
And so we close with that, and now you can watch as the world watches, to see what this young man does, if he's smart enough to see the new energy the way he has the ability to and become perhaps one of the world's most beloved leaders, wise beyond his years, with fame that no one could achieve, or whether he doesn't.
Slowly there will be those who start to understand that see that unification is the answer to all things, and as hard as it is for enemies to unify with enemies it will be their survival, for to continue the way they are they'll dye in a line.
And the old energy is no longer going to support the old ways. Watch for it is going to happen sooner than not.
We close with the same thing, we closed with before: human being do not fear what you're about to see, for the old energy will flail and diehard, and it's not good ago easily in the sunset with its head down.
It can fight.
I give you this as a metaphor, you'll see it, you'll know it, you'll understand it.
You are repuring recalibration and adjustment as this earth moves in slowly to an energy, coming into the sun, city on the hill slowly being revealed, the new Jerusalem, and so it is

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